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Pink Flowers

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Pink Flowers

Pink Flower FAQ

When is it appropriate to give pink flowers?

Sweet and elegant pink flowers are always a good gift for the special ladies in your life, from mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, to coworkers and friends. However, they can also be used to convey a variety of messages, particularly when it comes to pink roses. Paler shades tend to signify admiration, which is why they're a suggested gift early in a romantic relationship. Darker hues are meant to show gratitude and appreciation, so when someone does you a solid, say thank you with a bouquet of saturated pink blooms.

What's the most popular pink flower?

When it comes to red, everyone knows roses are the most popular blossom. In shades of pink, however, lilies tend to take the cake. While red roses fly off the shelves on Valentine's Day, the most popular pink flowers to follow suit are lilies, which are the perfect complement to red and white bouquets. The massive, fragrant, hot pink blooms of the Stargazer Lily are particularly stunning.

Pink Flowering Trees

Cherry Blossom

The pale pink of the cherry blossom tree has inspired artists and poets for centuries. There are even annual festivals devoted to this dainty bloom. While blossoms proliferate, practically clogging the branches of the tree, they only last about 14 days tops, which makes them a beautiful rarity.

'Leonard Messel' Kobushi Magnolia

Magnolia trees are known for their beautiful blooms and fragrant scent. However, the most popular versions sport white flowers. The 'Leonard Messel' Kobushi Magnolia bucks the trend with delicate, blushing blooms in sweet, pastel pink.

'Oklahoma' Redbud

If you're looking for a tree that features more vibrant hues of pink, you'll find an electric, fuchsia shade in the blooms of the 'Oklahoma' Redbud. When it springs to life, it's spindly, spare limbs are positively festooned with buds in a riot of rosy explosions that transform the bare branches of winter into effervescent eye-candy.

Bushes, Shrubs & Plants with Pink Flowers


This tropical flower may be best known as the state flower of Hawaii, but the deciduous shrub, with its wide range of colors and fluttery, gossamer petals, is a beauty to behold in any state. The pink hibiscus ranges from hues of bubble gum to magenta, and the tantalizing blooms tend to last but a single day before wilting and dropping away.


Lilacs are most associated with purple, so much so that lilac is also the name of a purple hue. However, you can have the intoxicating scent of the lilac bush along with blossoms in shades that range from blue, to white, to pink (and even yellow). Try varieties like the pale Pink Cloud, rosy Maiden's Blush, or vibrant True Pink.


Few flowering shrubs are more versatile that the lovely Azalea, which features graceful, delicate petals and comes in a vast array of appealing colors. The coral-colored 'Red Ruffles' Rutherford Hybrid, the shocking fuchsia 'Formosa' Southern Indica Hybrid, and the blush petals painted with patterns of magenta that characterize the stunning 'Gumpo Pink' Satsuki Hybrid will all elicit gasps of delight.

The Meaning of Pink Flowers

Pink flowers means love, but unlike the intense passion and romance symbolized by red flowers, pink denotes a purer, more innocent form of the emotion. It is for this reason that pink blooms are often used to express the possibility of love blossoming, or the early formation of romantic feelings. Pink is also considered the most feminine of colors, and therefore a gentler way to convey loving feelings, as opposed to more aggressive red.

Types of Pink Flowers

There are practically unlimited options when it comes to choosing pink blooms, ranging from the palest blushes to the most shocking shades of magenta. Some of the most popular blooms found in rouge hues include spiraled roses, star-like lilies, waxy tulips, plump peonies, bushy dahlias, joyful Gerber daisies, and puffball chrysanthemums, just to name a few. So many flowers have pink varietals that your only real problem will be choosing among them.