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Planting Mini Roses and Rose Plants

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Planting Mini Roses and Rose Plants

With rose plant delivery from, sending those you love a long-lasting romantic gift or token of appreciation is easier than ever. By planting your miniature roses and rose plants in your garden or yard, you can preserve your cherished memory for seasons to come. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, choose an area where your roses will receive at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight every day. Make sure the area is spacious enough to give the plant room to flourish.
  • Dig a hole about 15 inches wide, and set the plant inside. Fill in the space around the plant with compost or soil.
  • Once firmly in the ground, cover the area with a 2-inch layer of mulch. This conserves water and reduces stress on the plant.

How to Care for Rose Bushes and Mini Rose Plants

Once your rose trees or bushes have been planted, it’s important you tend to them regularly. Thoroughly soak the plant's soil at least two times a week with water, and feed it with a rose-specific fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer seasons. Try to avoid chemical fertilizers if you plan to bring your flowers into the house or around children. Just like fresh cut rose arrangements, your rose plants will need plenty of TLC in order to last long and stay beautiful.

How & When to Prune Roses

Pruning your roses or mini roses is another way to preserve the life of your plant. Before starting, make sure to protect your hands with a thick pair of gloves. Then, using a pair of pruning shears, remove any dead or dying branches; these often look shriveled, black and dark brown. Also take care to remove any thin or weak branches—as well as the plant's oldest branches—to encourage new growth.

Pruning should be done in the beginning of the spring season, before the chill leaves the air. Avoid pruning rose trees after October, as rose plants need time to harden before the winter weather arrives. The Rose Care and Handling guide is a great resource for more tips on how to care for fresh cut and planted roses alike.