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Traditional Kwanzaa Gifts

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Traditional Kwanzaa Gifts

Whether you’re prepping to host family and friends at your home and you want to decorate with bright and beautiful Kwanzaa flowers or you’re looking for traditional Kwanzaa gifts to pass out for the last night of festivities, you’ll find the perfect options at 1-800-FLOWERS. The weeklong celebration of Kwanzaa is meant to honor shared African heritage, culture, community, and faith, punctuated by colorful decorations, music, the lighting of candles, and more. It culminates with feasting and the giving of creative gifts meant to honor loved ones.

Kwanzaa gift baskets filled with fruit or other sweet treats are sure to please everyone, from children and adults to friends and coworkers. Whether you present them on Imani or send them to loved ones who can’t be present at your festivities, Kwanzaa gifts like flowers, candles, and gift baskets filled with delectable goodies will show you care and mark the shared heritage that makes this holiday so special.