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White Funeral Flowers

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White Funeral Flowers

When it comes to traditional sympathy flowers, you simply can't go wrong with white funeral flowers, which symbolize the return of the departed soul to purity and innocence, and denote honor and reverence for the life that has been lost. White funeral flowers are the perfect way to create an ambience of hope and majesty during a funeral service, and white sympathy flowers are can be sent to grieving loved ones as a way to express your deep commiseration with the pain they are experiencing. The loss of a loved one is difficult to bear, and by sending white sympathy flowers you have the opportunity to show your understanding and care.

There are several white blooms to consider, whether you're planning a service to honor the departed or you're assembling a bouquet or other arrangement for those left behind. Different flowers have different meanings, and if you wish to convey a specific sentiment, here are a few blooms that could fit the bill.

  • Lilies - if you want to send a heartfelt hug in flower form, the wide-open arms of white lilies are the best way to express your feelings of sympathy and support
  • Roses - there are few flowers betters suited to sympathy than white roses, which show both reverence and love, as well as providing beauty and fragrance to lift the spirits of anyone in mourning
  • Chrysanthemums - the traditional funerary flower of Europe and the symbol of grief in some Asian nations, chrysanthemums add unique style to any funeral flower arrangement
  • Orchids - if you want to let grief-stricken loved ones know you'll always care and be there, white orchids provide the perfect platform for expressing your love and support