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Hanukkah Flowers & Flower Arrangements

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Hanukkah Flowers & Flower Arrangements

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is often celebrated with the traditional holiday colors of white and blue, a testament to the colors of the Israeli flag designed by the Zionist movement in 1891. Order floral Hanukkah decorations in white and blue to bring some light into your Festival of Lights celebration. Whether you choose to purchase Hanukkah decor for your own home or gift floral Hanukkah decorations to friends or family, offers everything from traditional flower arrangements to personalized gifts that will last far beyond your Hanukkah celebrations.

Traditional Hanukkah Gifts

Traditional Hanukkah gifts are given over a span of eight days. While gifts were not originally a part of Hanukkah festivities (with parents instead opting for a gelt -- a small amount of money or chocolate coins -- for children), gifts are now included as part of the holiday. Traditional Hanukkah gifts also include dreidels, which are pointed, four-sided tops that spin on their base. Newer Hanukkah gifts include Hanukkah centerpieces, puzzles and games, and more. To really brighten up your family and friends' holidays, send a special Hanukkah arrangement from

Hanukkah Food Gifts & Gift Baskets

Before you settle in for eight nights of sharing gifts, munching latkes, spinning the dreidel, and lighting the menorah in celebration of the Festival of Lights, you’ll want to prepare for the occasion with festive decorations. Popular Hanukkah decorations include Hanukkah flowers in shades of blue and white like lilies, roses, carnations, and dephinium. Setting the scene for your Hanukkah celebration is a wonderful way to get your family and friends in the spirit of the holiday season, as is providing a selection of delicious Hanukkah food gifts for everyone to enjoy.

The spirit of Hanukkah lies in celebrating the freedom to practice religion, but modern-day festivities include not only the commemorative lighting of candles, but also the giving of Hanukkah gifts to loved ones. Whether you order Hanukkah gift baskets to hand out to immediate family and friends or you send thoughtful Hanukkah flower arrangements to those who can’t be with you, you’ll find the perfect way to show you care and mark this special occasion.