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Blue Flower Arrangements for Funeral

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Blue Flower Arrangements for Funeral

Planning blue flower arrangements for funeral services is an ideal way to express your sentiments during this difficult time. Flowers have many meanings, but bluish blooms can be used to symbolize both hope and rarity. When you lose a loved one, you want to do all you can to honor the life that person lived, while also providing solace for those left behind. Whether you choose blue hydrangeas, carnations, or roses, your blue funeral flowers can help to create a calming and beautiful environment in which to lay a loved one to rest. Blue sympathy flowers are also a great way to show your compassion and solidarity with others who have lost a loved one.

Blue and White Funeral Flowers

Pairing blue and white funeral flowers for a funeral arrangement or as a way to show sympathy to those who have lost a loved one is the perfect way to express your feelings of love and loss. While blue flowers symbolize rarity and hope, white flowers show honor and reverence. This is why blue and white blooms make such a lovely and meaningful combination. Which flowers are best suited to creating the ideal blue and white funeral spray? You may want to consider:

  • Carnations - these versatile flowers come in scads of colors and work equally well in sprays, wreaths, and other arrangements
  • Hydrangeas - with a variety of blue and white shades, these pretty bulbs can highlight the grandeur and beauty of a life well lived
  • Chrysanthemums - spiky poms make the perfect statement piece for those unique individuals who lived life on their own terms
  • Roses - there's no going wrong with this quintessential funerary bloom to express the love you still feel for those who have departed